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Plastic lenses and more for light fixtures!

Many people have the need to replace plastic lenses for light fixtures, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something that fits. That's where we come in, we're Lighting Plastics of Minnesota and we can help you get the right light lens for your existing fixtures. Why buy new lights, when you can replace the plastic light lens with a new fitted sheet or parabolic louver? You have reached the number one resource for replacement lenses, louvers and diffusers for light fixtures.

A lot of people think that manufacturers have a standard size for all plastic lenses, but they don't. They all vary in size greatly and one size does not fit all. That's why we cut your plastic lenses according to your measurements and form so that you get just the right light lens for the fixture you have now. It's easy for us and a good solution for you whether you are a electrical or lighting distributor, homeowner, commercial building, governmental body or a school district. We work with you to get you the prismatic lens or louver that fits right every time.
Glare problems on your computer screen? We can help. We are a great solution to eliminate those pesky glare problems that lower your productivity. Would you like to decrease eyestrain when working on your computer? Then we have the louvers that will decrease glare while giving your office or home a cleaner and efficient look. It's far less expensive than buying a whole new lighting system and you will get the best possible light to be working under.

Don't know the manufacturer of the original fixture? That's O.K., we don't need it! Need just one or two parts? Not a problem. We can supply one piece or one thousand pieces! Want a new look in your office? We can make it happen. That's the Lighting Plastics difference. We're a lighting products company based out of Minnesota, but we are also a service company, delivering the right custom cut product at a lower cost.

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Give us a call and we can begin helping you today to replace plastic lenses for light fixtures and more that you thought were an impossible thing to replace!

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